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    Fuck Hot Hausa Escorts in Dutse on Exotic Nigeria

    Dutse the capital of Jigawa state in northern Nigeria. The majority of the residents here are of Hausa and Fulani origin. Meet hot Hausa and Fulani escort yearning to give you a taste of Dutse on Exotic Nigeria.

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    Escorts from Dutse

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    Lying north of the road between Kano city and Birnin Kudu is Dutse the capital of Jigawa state in northern Nigeria.

    The town is home to Federal University Dutse. The undulating relief of the area is covered by Sudan savanna.

    Jigawa state was created from the northeastern half of kano state in 1991. Jigawa borders the Republic of Niger to the north and the Nigerian states of Yobe to the northeast, Bauchi to the southeast and south, Kano to the southwest, and Katsina to the northwest. The state consists mostly of plains covered by wooded savanna in the south and scrub vegetation in the north.

    The people of Dutse are predominantly of Hausa and Fulani origin. An estimated 2.9 million people inhabit Jigawa State.

    How to get to Dutse

    Dutse International Airport is 10 kilometres northwest of the city, and was commissioned in 2014 by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

    There are many local flights which one can catch to Dutse e.g one-way flights from Lagos to Dutse.

    Bed and Breakfast in Dutse

    From Dutse to Auyo and Yankwashi, visitors can choose from a list of luxury hotels and affordable hotels in Jigawa when they arrive.

    Hotels.ng can is one app in which people traveling to Dutse for the first time use to make their hotel arrangements. Whatever your preference, whether it be getting cheap hotel rooms or premium hotel bookings they will handle it for you.

    Tahir Guest Palace Hotel, founded in 1994, has a reputation of being one of the most prestigious, elegant and luxurious hotel in the north of Nigeria.

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