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Being a country with the largest population on the African continent, the need for dating site is on the rise. More and more Nigerian singles are tired of looking for partners physically and instead are opting for virtual encounters through dating sites.

Dating sites in Nigeria are becoming the most affordable and convenient means of hooking up with a companion whether it is for long term relationship, or casual sex. The distance doesn’t matter, so long as one is online, an agreement can be made as to when the interested people can meet.

Sometimes people find partners from their own ethnic groups not because it is mandatory, but because they lack the means to reach out to people in distant places. Now, with the advent of dating site or dating Apps in Nigeria, most people are able to find love from far off places in Nigeria. Indeed nothing has caused so much integration and harmony in society as has a dating site.

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Are you tired of solitude and are looking for a companion online? Below are Nigeria’s most trusted dating sites:

  1. Exotic Nigeria

This is the ultimate dating site and premier escort directory in the whole of Nigeria. Get online to find yourself  sexy Nigerian girls or hunky boys for whatever reason. You will find hot single ladies in search of men or cool single men in search of ladies for marriage, discreet affair, etc.

Exotic Nigeria lists dating sites from all locations. Join Lagos dating sites,  Enugu dating sites, Abuja dating sites Ibadan dating sites, Delta dating sites, Port Harcourt dating sites, among other locations.

Exotic Nigeria also, has profiles of singles cut from all sexual orientations. Check out gay/lesbian hookups, bisexual hookups, hooksups for straights, and shemale hookups.

2. Bingdum

This dating site lets you find true love or just hookup, for users only looking for fun without strings attached.

3. Eharmony

Eharmony comes to mind when we consider online dating that is focused on marriage. You won’t have to sort through the profiles of unsuitable people because the dating site was specifically created in 2000 for singles seeking a committed, long-term relationship.

4. SweetMeet

You may meet neighborhood residents and go on actual dates with them through this free online dating platform called SweetMeet. You notice partners flirting when you’re away from home and wish you were one of them, don’t you?


Reasons Why Most People In Nigeria Are Opting For Online Dating Sites As Opposed To Physical Encounters

The majority of people who look for love online are those interested in diversity. They are tired of the usual and same cultures and want to experiment with someone totally different from what they are used to. Such people are curious and the more their partner seems strange the more they are hitched.

Another reason more and more people are opting for online dating is, because people looking for love online are more serious and particular about what they want in a relationship. There are those who go online for a meet and fuck, sex dating, etc.

The first online encounters are always cheaper than the physical ones. For a physical encounter people incur expenses such as paying for bills in the restaurants, bus fare, and much more, while in online dating, one only needs Internet connections and a keen eye to spot the potential companion.

Nevertheless, online dating sites also pose a number of challengers to the love seekers. For instance, there have been a number of alarming reports about how people are getting coned in the name of love. Scammers have seen an opportunity where they pose as potential lovers when their sole purpose to defraud people of their hard earned money. So, you need to take precaution while searching for partners on dating sites.

Dating Sites Precautions

1. Do not commit any money to a stranger in the name of helping them.

2. Do not reveal to them your investment ventures.

3. Do not meet a stranger in your own house or theirs for the first. Request for a neutral place frequented by many people, and especially during the day.

4. Take time to know them. Don’t be too fast to trust them.

5. Do due diligence. Search their background information in an intelligent way.

6. Don’t use your real names until you are sure that the person you wanna meet and date.

7. Don’t try to impress them gullibly lest they take advantage of you.

8. Don’t nudes with strangers. You can easily be blackmailed and extorted.

9. Be economical with your personal information.






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