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How To Create An Attractive and Engaging Dating Profile

How To Create An Attractive and Engaging Dating Profile

The utopian feeling that an internet searcher looking for a dating companion experiences, is evoked by a profile. A dating profile must act as a magnet. It must be able to stimulate fantasy and the desire to indulge in an erotic act. Whether one is looking for a sex-dating companion, long term partner or escort, the goal remains to go out with the most attractive partner.

There is not much difference between a free online dating site and an escort listing directory. The essence here is dating, which is interacting with a companion where the main aim is to have some sensual experience. Even though the principle feature on a dating site is intimacy, the actualization of fantasy bears the same feeling as that achieved in the encounter between a client an escort.

Competition is rife and one can only emerge tops by being catchy to the eye of the beholder. Internet searchers are visual and physical. Aspects of emotions are offshoot effects of interactions after the first impression. No one has time to give the benefit of the doubt. You either are a hit or a miss. You see, no one wants to feel like they are favouring the other by accepting them the way they are. It is not a charity or religious event, it is a dating game.

Consider the following to create an attractive and engaging dating profile:

  1. Wear appealing clothes. Make sure you where the fancy clothes for profile pics. Know your body size and shape and accord it the fashion it deserves. For instance, a BBW can do well with a maxi dress. A slightly slim lady can rock a miniskirt, and so forth.
  2. Don’t look too serious. Much as you are you are seriously looking for a date, a playful appearance makes you much more approachable than the person wearing a stern face. Put on a smiling face, but do not overdo it so that you are not taken for a joker.
  3. Use a professional photographer for quality photos. The lighting should bring out your real appearance. The surrounding should be impressive.
  4. Your taglines should inspire positive vibes. Write intelligent catchphrases which will make an internet user want to meet you for more interaction.
  5. State your interest. Show searchers the reason why you are looking for a date online-is it for sex dating, long term relationship or friends with benefit?
  6. Enable premium features such as video call. Such features on some dating sites enable one seem more reachable, because you can be communicated to through more than one feature. Some people prefer voice communication so as to be able to read cues and clues.
  7. Write an introductory tag that summarizes who you are and who you are looking for. Show you you are bringing to the table.
  8.  Update your profile with lifestyle shots. This will help tell your daily stories without writing anything. You can use videos and pics.
  9.  Don’t put your cell contacts if you are looking for a long term partner. Only give out your contacts upon request. For escort services however, this is recommended since you want to be reachable even when you are offline.

Types of Services Offered By Exotic Nigeria Escorts

Types of Services Offered By Exotic Nigeria Escorts

Exotic Nigeria offer a wide array of escort services. Sensual services in Nigeria range from simple eroticisms to extreme ones such BDSM as well as fetishes. There are basic, premium,  and VIP charges for each category of escort services.

Below is a list of escort services offered by escorts in Nigeria:

  1. Erotic Massage

Erotic massage, which goes by other names like nude massage, sensual massage, or touch massage, involves touch techniques on or around erogenous organs with the intention of evoking explicit and deep sensual or sexual pleasure.

Though the main objective is to erotically stimulate the recipient’s body nerves culminating into some sort of ecstasy, it sometimes transcends this to involve emotional attunement. At this level it qualifies for a sex massage, tantric massage or happy ending massage, where body rubbing and eventually sex, are involved to be able to contain the arousal or simply actualize the fantasy.

According to massage experts, erotic massage has a number of benefits including dispersing erotic energy throughout the whole body, which prepares erogenous nerves to waves of pleasure and profound dimensions of sexual ecstasy. It also helps streamline body muscles and nerves, which may otherwise cause fatigue, boredom, and dismal erotic stimulation.





2. Lapdance

If you have been dreaming of entertainment in form of dirty sensual dance, then you can actualize your fantasies with Nigerian escort. This dirty dance helps to build up curiosity through a miasma of body teasing.

Girlfriend Experience or Boyfriend Experience is an escort service whereby a client hires a girl or a boy to play the role of a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can also call this type of escort girlfriend or boyfriend for hire. This is normally suitable for someone looking for a temporary companion for events such as weddings, parties, travels, etc.

4. Sex

Sex or coitus is offered upon request and agreement. If the escort refuses to engage in sex with a client who requested only for body massage, that well in order. Forcing an escort to engage in sex will be deemed rape. There are many types of sex offered by escorts on Exotic Nigeria:

  • Oral sex- this involves kissing, fellatio, etc.
  • Vaginal/penile sex- this involves the act of penetrating the vaginal with a finger or penis as well as through handjob.
  • Cunnilingus-this involves licking of the vagina and its clitoris with a tongue.

5. Fetishes

These are services which involve unconventional erotic acts. Examples include:

  • Gokkun- it involves swallowing sperms or ejaculates.
  • Golden shower- it involves being urinated, ejaculated or squirtted on.
  • Podophilia- this is also known as foot fetishism or foot partialism and it involves acts of foot licking, or penetrating an erogenous part like vagina with a foot or part of it.

6. Loyal company

You can hire an escort for loyal undivided attention. There are escorts in Nigeria who are excellent at giving companionship. Suitable for travelling, when someone is bereft and is feeling lonesome. You will get someone to help you forget misery.

7. Video chats

These are chats which involve video calling while chatting sensually. Most escorts who offer these are excellent stripteasers. You will enjoy thrilling nudes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get  Answers To Your Exotic Nigeria Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Nigeria is Naija’s premier escort and related services listing directory. It offers advertising space and airtime to individuals offering escort services across Nigeria. It hosts a wide array of sexy Nigerian call girls as well as swanky escort boys.

Perhaps you intend to offer escort services in Nigeria but you are not sure how to start off or you do not  know which requirements you need to fulfill before you are accepted to join Exotic Nigeria as an escort. In addition to that, you may also be having certain fears  which are holding you back from exploiting your potential as an escort in Nigeria.

The following below could questions you need answer for.

Question: What is the minimum age for joining Exotic Nigeria?

Answer: The minimum age for joining Exotic Nigeria is 18 years. Anyone below the Nigerian standard age of majority is prohibited from engaging in online adult activities.

Question: Do I need to be an experienced escort to join Exotic Nigeria?

Answer: What is essential is great interpersonal skills. You must be a people person. The longer you stay, the more experience gets.

Question: Is Exotic Nigeria a pimping agency?

Answer: Not at all. Exotic Nigeria is just an escort listing directory. We only provide advertisement space for those who intend to offer escort services.

Question: Is sex involved?

Answer: Exotic Nigeria basically offers individuals advertisement space. Whatever service is offered to clients is within the full discretion of an escort. Exotic Nigeria does not ask escorts what to offer to clients.

Question: Must I have a car when joining Exotic Nigeria?

Answer: Absolutely not. A car is just a plus but is a necessity. There are many transportation options in Nigeria. You can use Uber, PSVs, Okada, and many more.

Question: Does Exotic Nigeria allow foreigners to join?

Answer: Exotic Nigeria allows everyone with proper license and permit to live and work in Nigeria. If you are a foreigner and want to join Exotic Nigeria, make sure you have proper documents.

For more info about joining Exotic Nigeria, and how to work well as an escort in Nigeria, reach out to us through the below social media channels:


How To Work Well As An Escort

How To Work Well As An Escort

Are you in the escort service industry and have been facing challenges in terms of offering services to clients? This information is important to you. Escort service business is quite challenging and if an escort has not put the most essential aspects in order,  he or she will end up being frustrated.

Many people offering escort services think that all it takes is to get listed, and voilà, everything is set. Until and unless the individual intending to become an escort puts certain things in perspective, frustration galore will be at their disposal.

Escort services have, in the course of the years become more and more professional. This means that the person who intends to become an escort must strategise as if they are setting up a business. The competition among escort service providers is becoming more and more stiff, perhaps due to the realization that this particular service is on high demand.

As you have realised, most businesses across the globe are endeavouring to have an online presence thereby making sure that their online visibility is seamless. The reason for this paradigm shift in the way of reaching potential customers/clients is courtesy of the fact that more and more people are getting hitched to acquiring goods and services via e-commerce platforms.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter the service or goods you are offering, if you don’t have an online medium through which you can reach your potential customers you will be doomed. Traditional marketing channels are becoming obsolete. Now, there is reaching clients through online channels, and then there is reaching the right clients online. So, if you want to emerge tops among your competitors, you must make sure you focus on the proper product information, right price, convenient location, appropriate packaging, and so on and so forth.

Now, you know where this is heading to. Imagine you are a business in yourself and ask whether you have been doing the right thing as an escort service provider. If not, what is it that you have been doing wrongly? And if you have not yet started but you are considering being an escort, what is it that you are supposed to do in order to be an exceptional escort in Nigeria?


Here is how you can work well as an escort in Nigeria:


1. Make Sure You Have Attained The Nigerian Age of Majority

An underage escort provider is like a fake product or service. You will not enjoy your work and you will not last long on the market due to having run-ins with the authority. You may even at worse jeopardize the existence of the escort listing directory. Look at the Exotic Nigeria frequently asked questions and get to understand this requirement.


2. Choose The Best Escort Listing Directory

If you want to have a much wider reach than your competitors, you must choose the best escort site or escort directory in Nigeria. Exotic Nigeria is the top and the most reliable escort directory in Nigeria. The rest follow from behind. You want  to be on a website with exceptional online visibility and good client traffic.


3. Have Passion As An Escort

Offering of escort services is becoming one of the highly paying liberal occupations.  Escort services, as you have already read in the preceding paragraphs, are being sought so massively that they are almost falling in the same category as basic needs. A passionate provider of an escort services is a darling to the majority of clients. You will have many repeat clients if your offers are exceptional.


4. Be Ready To Learn

No one is perfect. When you fail in your first attempts, don’t give up. You can, for example: seek advice from the directory administrator to how to best work as an escort. Listen to the clients’ suggestions on well you can have them enjoy your services. Be teachable at all times so that you enjoy future engagements with your clients.


  5. Be Empathetic

Make sure you put yourself in the shoes of the client as well as in those of the sales admin. You need both the directory and the clients. Act in the best manner possible. Be honest/truthful/trustworthy, polite, fair, etc.

  • Don’t lie to a client about your ability or services on offer. If you are unable to offer for instance BDSM, don’t put it among your offers.
  • Don’t be rude by hauling nasty words at the clients when a disagreement arises. Always act politely and try to resolve your differences amicably.
  • Be fair at all times. Don’t overcharge just because you need money to achieve your goals. Let the client get value for their money.
  • Listen to the clients’ requests and understand their needs. You can tailor make if possible to suit their preferences.
  • Pay your escort directory fee early enough to avoid inconveniences.
  • Be respectful to both the client and your escort directory admin.
  • Be punctual and if you are running late, send early apologies.
  • Don’t blackmail the client or the sales admin so that you have your way.

  6. Groom Yourself In The Best Way Possible

An escort is like a model or vixen. You must make sure you look the part. A client must be able to separate you from an ordinary lady or gentleman. In other words, look exceptionally attractive. For example:

  • Take good care of your hair, your nails, your eyebrows, eye lashes, beards, teeth, toes, skin, or body as a whole.
  • Wear trendy or fashionable attire. Dress the way you want to be addressed.
  • Do physical exercises so as to always stay energetic and youthful. It doesn’t matter whether you are slim, short, lanky, or heavy. There is always a preference for whichever body size.
  • Speak or talk like a professional. Learn to use proper terms when in contact with a client. Don’t be a loose canon.
  • Have great posture as well as an alluring gait. A bad posture will provoke doubts from a client.
  • Have good table manners when having a drink or a meal. Don’t sneeze in the air or spit around you. Always have a handkerchief and excuse yourself when reflexes seize you.
  • Take frequent bath and smell well.

   7. Invest In Exceptional Photography or Videography

Purchase a phone/tablet with a great camera for your profile pics or video streams. When you want to upload a photo or a video to your profile, ensure proper lighting in the location you are doing it from. Statics show that beautiful photos make a good and lasting first impression.

Even if you don’t have a proper gadget for great photos or videos, you can always hire a professional photographer or videographer. Remember you are the business yourself. You must catch your client’s eye.

  8. Be Confident

Make sure that you exude confidence albeit in the right measure. Show your client that you are up to task. High confidence in oneself normally subdues the client. You will only charge premium rates when you display mastery and knowledge of what the service entails.

9. Prioritise On Safety Precautions

Always do due diligence to avoid falling victim to cyber criminals. Do background check if possible. In the case where are not sure about your safety, insist on meeting at a neutral and safe location.


Read also: Exotic Nigeria Frequently Asked Questions



Nigeria Sex Chat Groups

Find Nigeria Sex Chat Groups Online Today

Join thousands of members across Nigeria and enjoy thrilling chats. Chat with Nigeria sexy girls and hunky boys. Explore video chats, chat strips, camsex, etc., through Exotic Nigeria Adult Blog.

Sex chat groups in Nigeria are found on various social media channels including Nigeria WhatsApp, Nigeria Twitter, Nigeria Telegram, Nigeria Facebook, Nigeria TikTok, Nigeria Badoo, Nigeria Tinder, among many others.


Nigeria Twitter

Enjoy Adult Entertainment on Exotic Nigeria  Twitter

Find and connect with thousands of tweeps across Nigeria for fascinating adult content such as porn xxx videos, sexy pics and nudes, music videos, etc. Follow the most trending topics touching on relationships, finance, politics, prostitution, etc.

Get thrilled by grapevine surrounding your favourite celebrities in Nigeria including their sex leaks, nude leaks, discreet affairs, new acquisitions, relationship breakups, and much more.

Hook up with ashawos, sugar mummies, sugar daddies, vixens, porn girls, travel girls, etc., in Nigeria through Twitter.  You can also book an exotic escort through Twitter and actualize your fantasies.



Fetishes and Sex

Join Exotic Nigeria Adult Blog and Read About Fetishes and Sex In Nigeria


spermed face logo

The fetishes we are going to discuss here are about sensuality or eroticism. For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when the word fetish is mentioned, is BDSM. It is true that most fetishes are associated with BDSM, simply because it consists of sexual acts that are bizarre or unusual.

Fetishes are erotic ritualistic practices which some people like doing while having sex.

Dating Sites

Join Exotic Nigeria Adult Blog and Discover Dating Sites

Woman chatting logo

Being a country with the largest population on the African continent, the need for dating site is on the rise. More and more Nigerian singles are tired of looking for partners physically and instead are opting for virtual encounters through dating sites.

Dating sites in Nigeria are becoming the most affordable and convenient means of hooking up with a companion whether it is for long term relationship, or casual sex. The distance doesn’t matter, so long as one is online, an agreement can be made as to when the interested people can meet.

Sometimes people find partners from their own ethnic groups not because it is mandatory, but because they lack the means to reach out to people in distant places. Now, with the advent of dating site or dating Apps in Nigeria, most people are able to find love from far off places in Nigeria. Indeed nothing has caused so much integration and harmony in society as has a dating site.

Find Your Partner Here

Are you tired of solitude and are looking for a companion online? Below are Nigeria’s most trusted dating sites:

  1. Exotic Nigeria

This is the ultimate dating site and premier escort directory in the whole of Nigeria. Get online to find yourself  sexy Nigerian girls or hunky boys for whatever reason. You will find hot single ladies in search of men or cool single men in search of ladies for marriage, discreet affair, etc.

Exotic Nigeria lists dating sites from all locations. Join Lagos dating sites,  Enugu dating sites, Abuja dating sites Ibadan dating sites, Delta dating sites, Port Harcourt dating sites, among other locations.

Exotic Nigeria also, has profiles of singles cut from all sexual orientations. Check out gay/lesbian hookups, bisexual hookups, hooksups for straights, and shemale hookups.

2. Bingdum

This dating site lets you find true love or just hookup, for users only looking for fun without strings attached.

3. Eharmony

Eharmony comes to mind when we consider online dating that is focused on marriage. You won’t have to sort through the profiles of unsuitable people because the dating site was specifically created in 2000 for singles seeking a committed, long-term relationship.

4. SweetMeet

You may meet neighborhood residents and go on actual dates with them through this free online dating platform called SweetMeet. You notice partners flirting when you’re away from home and wish you were one of them, don’t you?


Reasons Why Most People In Nigeria Are Opting For Online Dating Sites As Opposed To Physical Encounters

The majority of people who look for love online are those interested in diversity. They are tired of the usual and same cultures and want to experiment with someone totally different from what they are used to. Such people are curious and the more their partner seems strange the more they are hitched.

Another reason more and more people are opting for online dating is, because people looking for love online are more serious and particular about what they want in a relationship. There are those who go online for a meet and fuck, sex dating, etc.

The first online encounters are always cheaper than the physical ones. For a physical encounter people incur expenses such as paying for bills in the restaurants, bus fare, and much more, while in online dating, one only needs Internet connections and a keen eye to spot the potential companion.

Nevertheless, online dating sites also pose a number of challengers to the love seekers. For instance, there have been a number of alarming reports about how people are getting coned in the name of love. Scammers have seen an opportunity where they pose as potential lovers when their sole purpose to defraud people of their hard earned money. So, you need to take precaution while searching for partners on dating sites.

Dating Sites Precautions

1. Do not commit any money to a stranger in the name of helping them.

2. Do not reveal to them your investment ventures.

3. Do not meet a stranger in your own house or theirs for the first. Request for a neutral place frequented by many people, and especially during the day.

4. Take time to know them. Don’t be too fast to trust them.

5. Do due diligence. Search their background information in an intelligent way.

6. Don’t use your real names until you are sure that the person you wanna meet and date.

7. Don’t try to impress them gullibly lest they take advantage of you.

8. Don’t nudes with strangers. You can easily be blackmailed and extorted.

9. Be economical with your personal information.






Sexy Nudes In Nigeria

Find Sexy Nude Pictures On Exotic Nigeria Adult Blog

nudenaija 1

If there are images which tilt people’s  imagination and throw them into spins of fantasies, they have go to be raw, sexy nudes.  The utopian feeling accompanied with strong arousal is addictive.

Find thousands of Naija nudes each bringing forth exceptional ecstasy.  Discover nudes of both Naija girls and boys from across Nigeria. Check out Lagos naked photos, Abuja nude pics, Port Harcourt nudes, Ibadan nudes, Benin City nudes, among other notable locations.

Join various social channels in Nigeria and access plenty of fantastic nudes of beautiful Yoruba girls, Ibo girls, Hausa /Fulani girls, Igbo girls, among others.

Goddess Nigeria 1Naked Fat Nigerian 1Naked Black Nigerian Woman 1


The most used social channels in Nigeria include WhatsApp Nigeria nudes, Telegram Nigeria nudes, Facebook Nigeria nudes, Tiktok Nigeria nudes, Tinder Nigeria nudes, Instagram Nigeria nudes, Twitter Nigeria nudes, etc.

Find links directing you to Naija nudes or sexy photos.  There is a wide range of photos including celebrity leaked nudes, porn xxx nudes, Nigerian nude girls, etc.

You can sample beautiful pictures of girls from the most notable locations across Nigeria such as Lagos nudes, Abuja nudes, Ibadan nudes, Anambra nudes, Port Harcourt nudes, among others.

Also visit our telegram porn channel, codedruns, and dark naija to find more exotic girls and services such as erotic massage




Telegram Porn Channels and Groups

Explore The Best 18+ Telegram Porn Channels in Nigeria (2023)

Telegram App use  in Nigeria is on the rise. Telegram has become the best and easiest medium of sharing adult content from different sources across Nigeria.  Don’t get left behind, join the bandwagon and get thrilled with epic Telegram porn content in Nigeria.

Explore Telegram Porn Channels On Exotic Nigeria Adult Blog

There are numerous Nigerian Telegram Porn Groups which share up-to-date adult content including sex videos, nudes, etc. The Leading Porn Telegram Channels in Nigeria are:

 1. Exotic Nigeria Telegram Porn Channel

Exotic Nigeria Telegram porn channel lists adults only raunchy and exquisite content such as porn xxx, video strips, video chats, sex chats as well as escort services in Nigeria. It is synonymous with Nigerian XXX videos as well as the supply of contacts of hot oloshos in Nigeria for those people interested in Kerewa. Tap in for exclusive adult content.

By joining Exotic Nigeria Telegram porn channel, you can also get access to contacts of the hottest Nigerian female escorts with who you can actualize your fantasies.


2.  Naija Sweet Telegram Channel

It is known mostly for the latest porn leaks  of both ordinary people and celebrities in Nigeria.

3. Nigeria Hot escorts Telegram channel

It is also one of those channels with adult content in Nigeria.

Watch Nigerian Porn xxx videos, leaked nudes, sexy pics, etc., by joining Telegram Nigeria. Interact with fascinating Telegram group members across Nigeria and have the best Telegram experience through wet comic stories.

Discover new sex styles. You can also join and participate in porn films. Find your gossip partner, your video chats companion, or unidentified  porn xxx news breaker.


Join Telegram porn channels from various cities in Nigeria. Check out Abuja Telegram channels, Ibadan Telegram channel, Lagos Telegram channels, Port Harcourt Telegram channels, among other notable locations in Nigeria.


Join The Best Porn Telegram Groups In Nigeria

Nigeria is abound with Telegram porn groups. Find yours among 900+ Nigeria Telegram Group Links  2023.  Here are some of the Telegram groups in Nigeria where you can access adult content.

  1. Exotic Nigeria Telegram Group. The number one Telegram group in Nigeria that is rich in adult entertainment content including porn xxx videos.
  2. Girls Telegram Group. This is an exclusive girls only group in Nigeria replete with entertaining interactions which include eroticism, dating & relationships, etc.
  3. Boys Telegram Group. Join this boys only exclusive group for interactive chats between Nigerian boys and girls about love and dating. You will also find erotic videos of Nigerian boys and girls.
  4. Girls and Boys Chat. This is an open group which lists all adult entertainment stuff.


Are you Still Wondering Whether You Should Join A Telegram Group or A Telegram Channel In Nigeria?

The decision on whether to join an adult Telegram group or an adult Telegram channel depends on your reason of joining either category. Both categories are similar in terms of content. The only difference there is in terms of interaction.

Adult Telegram groups are more interactive and allow for live chats and are in most cases free to join. They have more than one admin. On the other hand, adult telegram channels have in most cases a single admin or if few more, a restricted number.

Security Features of Adult Telegram

Just like other social media Apps, Telegram too has a number of security features around privacy and confidentiality or in other words, anonymity. For instance, one can hide their contacts and only show their handles.

Another important security feature is the deletability of messages or content from an individual member’s end without affecting the whole group.

Finally, the App also enables users to set time frame for content duration on one’s device. One enable a message disappearing feature to avoid cluttering the device with too much content.

Do You Run An Adult Telegram Group Or Channel In Nigeria?

You can reach out so that we look at ways of collaborating in sharing of adult content in Nigeria.

Also visit our other pages such as  codedruns.com and hookup sites in Nigeria to  get more of exotic nigeria escorts including the Erotic massage and meet and fuck in Nigeria.








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